When it’s properly applied, TT TARGET TAPE lifts the skin a very small amount to take pressure away from nociceptors, pain receptor neurons that lie just under the skin.

In addition, lifting the skin creates more space for blood to flow to the injured area below and allow draining. This is particularly important if there has been swelling. By helping with drainage and blood flow, waste from the injury is removed, and fresh blood can reach the damaged muscle and begin repairing it.

TT TARGET TAPE is pretty easy to apply. Some people do need a few tries to get it done right. You probably should get someone to help you if you are taping an area that’s hard to reach.

We recommend that you watch our videos that show how to apply the tape on different parts of the body.

TT TARGET TAPE elasticity is equal to the skin itself, 140%. This is key to how it provides support without restricting movement.

TT TARGET TAPE works by adhering to skin and lifting it. Hair is not a good anchor and can interfere with the tape’s effectiveness.

TT TARGET TAPE sticks to the skin for three to five days. The length of time may vary due to factors such as:

  • Skin moisture: creams and lotions interfere with the tape’s ability to adhere to the skin, even if they have been applied several hours earlier. TT TARGET TAPE works best on skin that’s free of lotions, creams, and oils.
  • Hair: the amount of hair on the skin can affect adhesion.
  • Tape location: some areas are just harder to tape.
  • Application conditions: oil from fingers that touch the sticky side of the tape can decrease adhesion.
  • Re-taping: the tape will not stick for more than a few minutes if it’s been re-applied.

Check out our video library to learn how to properly apply TT TARGET TAPE.

No, but you probably won’t get much benefit from it if it’s not properly applied.

TT Target Tape is designed to stick for 3-5 days using a high adhesiveness factor adhesive.

If you need to remove it before the 5 days and it feels too tight to the pull, just apply baby oil on it until soaked, wait 15 minutes to allow the oil to weaken the adhesive, and remove it slowly in the direction of the hair while in the shower by gently pulling the skin away from the tape. Never try to rip the tape from your skin. Be patient.


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