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It often comes on suddenly, during a routine workout, going up or down the stairs at home, or even during a leisurely walk: one of your trusty knees gives out.

Was this inevitable? Will you now have to deal with ongoing knee pain? First, you need to understand why your knee decided to give out at this time.

Lots of Factors Lead to Knee Pain

Don’t blame running or other fitness routine for your knee pain. Study after study shows that physical activity is good for your bones and joints regardless of their age and stage.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons specifically recommends weight-bearing exercise—including running and jogging—to strengthen bones. (Of course, people in frail condition must consult with a physician to determine an appropriate weight-bearing activity.)

So what exactly happened to your knee(s)?

  • Overuse. You’re not a cyborg, you’re a human. And joints and muscles need time to recover after strenuous and/or continuous use.
  • Injury. MedicineNet says the knee is one of the most commonly-injured body parts. Playing high-impact sports (it does not list running among these) are common causes. Women are more likely to be injured due to the way the knee angles relative to the hips and femur.
  • Arthritis. There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis. The good news is, not everyone develops arthritis. It tends to fun in families. There are many treatments for even the most serious forms like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. And as we noted above, exercise is strongly recommended by arthritis experts
  • Fibromyalgia. This condition, which doctors now (finally!) acknowledge, is thought to be the result of overactive nerve sensors in the spinal column. Moderate physical activity, sometimes combined with antidepressant medication, has successfully helped many patients.
  • Depression. As one antidepressant advertisement notes, depression hurts. It is a treatable condition: the challenge is that depressed people often need kindness and support to start it. Physical activity is known to stimulate hormones associated with improved mood and vigor.

Knee Pain Treatment Depends on Diagnosis

Just about one approach to treating painful knees is nearly universal: over-the-counter pain relief.

And you know what? They work. A study released in January 2015 found that ibuprofen and naproxen are quite effective to treat stiffness and restore functioning.

Those with moderate to mild knee pain can supplement over-the-counter medication with kinesio tape such like TT Target Tape®. Properly applied, TT Target Tape promotes healing by lifting skin above swollen, injured areas. This frees up space needed by lymphatic vessels that lie beneath the skin to flow more freely, These vessels, an important part of the immune system, help filter out harmful substances that can prevent or slow down healing.

Applying kinesio tape to painful knees can speed up healing and help people return to their workout routines sooner. The tape also provides additional support to healing (or healed) areas to prevent another painful incident.

Watch our videos that show different taping techniques to support runner’s knee, helps reduce swelling, and ease ligament pain.

Disease-related pain is often treated with prescription drugs such as anti-inflammatory medication like steroids. Serious arthritis may be treated with injected or infused medications. Knee replacement and arthroscopic surgery are fast-growing options for knees worn out from injury, overuse, or disease.

Kinesio tape can also be used to support body parts undergoing treatment and to help recover from surgery.

Exercise with TT Target Tape as Your Knee Recovers!

Use TT Target Tape while you rest your knee and engage in lower-stress workouts. It’s OK to take some time off, of course. The initial pain is, of course, your body’s way of telling you something’s off.

Hamstring and quadricep stretches are good places to start. Squats and lunges help restore leg strength. Be sure you don’t favor your injured knee, advises Men’s Journal; it can upset the  natural strength balance in your body.

Try alternative exercises, too, like swimming and cycling. If you decide to dive in, stay away from the breaststroke, which will stress the knees. If you hop on a bike, make sure the seat and handlebars are at the proper height for you.

Be sure to tape up! TT Target Tape is waterproof, so it will stay on in the pool and while you build up a sweat on the bike path.



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