So, a few weeks ago, an Instagram account began following me: Target Tape USA. Their posts are simple, but convey a decent message. Simply, the many applications of kinesiology tape. As a PT, I’m always interested in new and/or different modalities. So, I went to their website and requested a sample. The owner replied quickly and was actually surprised I got him through the site link. As, their website is still in development.

Within a week I had two samples in-hand: red and tan.

For the record, I got these as a sample from Target Tape. I get no monetary compensation to review. I just figured my readers would be interested.

So, I finally got around to using the tape. After an all day trip to Magic Kingdom, my almost-healed plantar fasciitis was rearing its ugly head. I decided to try it for PF.

Upon first inspection, the tape looks like all the others…stretch, wavy kinesiology lines of adhesive, top fabric layer. It all looked alike. However, I looked closer and saw a midline perforation. Brilliant! If you’ve never used kinesiology tape, then you aren’t familiar with how hard the tape can be to cut. This allows for you to split a strip without having to cut it. This is also good if you’re out training and don’t have room for scissors in your running pouch.


Each pack comes with four strips. I believe they also have rolls of it too. Many other brands have packs of two strips. But many tape protocols call for more than two strips. So this was a welcomed surprise!

There’s also a decent brochure of the various applications.



My daughter was intrigued by it too. I’m not concerned that it will stay on with regular wear. Rather, will it last against the 17 month old?!

Original post from Run, Mom. Go! by Amber Miller

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