The Benefits of Volleyball Tape For Professionals


Do you play volleyball? This is definitely a wonderful choice! Volleyball is a tremendously exciting and fun game, which can help you burn tons of calories and will keep you in shape. Of course, volleyball brings with it some potential dangers and injures, with stubbed and sprained fingers being extremely common. With this in mind, you should really begin educating yourself regarding volleyball tape, such as TT Target Tape USA. Within this guide, you’ll learn all about this tape and how it can enhance your game.

Volleyball Tape

For Your Shoulder

There is no doubt that playing volleyball can take a toll on your shoulders. The repetitive over the shoulder movements can cause the bones in your shoulders to grind together furiously, which can result in pain. By fighting this complication with Kinesio tape shoulder, it is possible to curb the pain and increase the circulation in your shoulder. When the tape is applied in the right way, it is possible for it to stimulate and relax the muscles, as well. This can allow you to drive through and perform your best our there on the court!


For Your Fingers

If you’ve ever played this sport, you likely understand the importance of volleyball finger tape. Taping your fingers has several purposes, including supporting and strengthening your fingers. When dealing with an injury, the tape prevents the injury from worsening, while also providing you with added comfort. If you truly want to be at the top of your game, you will most certainly want to apply volleyball tape fingers!



How To Tape Fingers For Volleyball

In order to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits from the kinesio tape, it is absolutely essential to learn how to tape your fingers properly. Below, you will find the steps that should be followed.


  1. Make sure that the area where the tape is going to be applied is clean from creams and lotions as well as sweat. Clean preferably with alcohol or with soap & water, and assuring that your skin is completely dry with no moisture.
  2. Your hand should be laid out on a firm surface. Be sure to start with your non-dominant hand, as you will likely need assistance with your dominant hand.
  3. A piece of gauze should be folded into a strip and inserted between the two fingers that you will be taping together. This is vital and will improve your comfort, while diminishing friction.
  4. While positioning the fingers close together, you should wrap the kinesio tape around the base of both fingers. Overlapping the tape two to three times will help to provide a secure hold. The tape should be tight enough to hold, but not tight enough to cut off circulation.
  5. To enhance the security of the tape, you should add a strip of tape around the first and second joints of both fingers. Be sure to flex the fingers, in order to ensure that full mobility remains.
  6. Finally, you can repeat the process with the dominant hand. Remember that an assistant may be required.


By following the steps above, you’ll be able to improve your game, comfort and protect from injures.




At the end of the day, anyone, who plays volleyball, should definitely learn to utilize volleyball tape. The benefits are enormous and your game will be improved dramatically. Be sure to check out TT Target Tape USA right away!

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