There’s no question that many of our customers are regular exercisers and sports enthusiasts. We love the fact that we’re supporting them in their quest to remain fit, active, and live healthier lives.

TT TARGET TAPE® is used to support parts of the body that are subject to strains that can interfere with athletic performance. But not all injuries occur on playing fields; non-sports injuries happen in everyday life but can be just as painful. Our kinesio tape can help ease the pain from them and help prevent them, too.


Shoulder pain can come from everyday activities. TT TARGET TAPE can relieve that pain.

Prevent Every Day, Repetitive Strain Injuries

If your job or daily routine puts a lot of stress on one part of your body, give it a boost with kinesio tape. For example, people who work at a computer all day long can use tape to support their wrists and elbows. It may also be helpful to tape the shoulder area and neck to support proper posture.

Be sure your work area is set up to support your arms and back. Ergonomic equipment like wrists supports and well-designed office chairs will make a huge difference. So will low-tech approaches like ensuring the computer and desk are at an appropriate height for you. Take a look at these visual guides from the Mayo Clinic on setting up an ergonomic office.

People who are on their feet all day long can get extra support by wearing proper shoes and socks. They can also tape areas of the feet and legs that are susceptible to pain. Be sure to check out our videos to see taping demonstrations.

Is Your Back Ready for Shoveling Snow?

It happens every year: there’s a major snowfall and people throughout the northern US throw out their backs shoveling the walkway.

Very often, they aren’t quite in shape to shovel snow. We suggest our friends in northern climes, away from our sunshine-filled homes in Florida and Arizona, consider that shoveling snow is quite a workout. When you shovel snow, you’re using your back and abdominal muscles, as well as your legs and arms. It’s pretty much a full-body effort.Don’t start this activity without prepping your body first.

You know you’re going to be socked with a lot of snow. Get in shape now for that shoveling.

We like the menu of exercises we found on the website because it targets people who aren’t in top shape but are working to get there. This site recommends sensible exercises thatcan be done on an ordinary exercise mat and include:

  • Alternating leg and arm lifts
  • “Superman” back exercise that mimics the classic flying position and targets the lower back
  • Dorsal raise that focuses on the chest and stomach
  • Reverse leg raise
  • Straight leg “bridge” lift, which uses a stepper as well as a mat
  • Back extension using an exercise ball

If you find sore areas, tape them up to get extra support. For example, your back may actually be quite strong but perhaps your arms need extra support as you prepare them for shoveling. We have videos to guide you through proper taping techniques.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch offers these snow shoveling tips:

  • Do warm-up exercises and stretches before you suit up for the snow
  • Shovel snow while it’s still fresh; as it sits, the surrounding moisture adds weight
  • Push, don’t lift, the snow
  • Don’t fill the shovel–the weight can be too much
  • Lift with your legs and keep your back straight

And guess what? You can buy ergonomic shovels. Who knew?





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