Many women are surprised by pregnancy related joint pain, particularly if they were already fitness enthusiasts and in top shape. For some women, joint pain is mild or brief, while others may find it more than uncomfortable and downright aggravating.

Encourage Pregnant Women to Exercise!

A “baby belly belt” with Kinesiology Tape is used to provide support for the abdomen & help relieve discomfort in the lower back and abdominal areas.

No one  should be shocked at the site of a pregnant woman engaging in exercise. It’s good for her and her baby for a lot of reasons, including:

  • It lowers the chance for gestational diabetes by naturally limiting pregnancy-related weight gain
  • It may shorten labor
  • It might make delivery easier and faster by increasing the amount of relaxin, a hormone released during pregnancy that helps loosen pelvic joints

There are several other reasons for pregnant women to exercise listed on, a site I highly recommend if pregnancy becomes a feature in your life or that of someone you love.

Extra Support is Essential for Pregnant Women During Exercise

Just about all pregnant women will need additional support during their exercise routines as pregnancy progresses. We do want to encourage women to continue exercising during their pregnancy. Many can manage pregnancy related joint pain and continue their workouts.

Kinesiology tape like TT TARGET TAPE® can deliver additional joint support during pregnancy, in workouts and on the job.

Target Tape skin

TT TARGET TAPE gently lifts skin to increase blood flow and prevent or reduce swelling.

TT TARGET TAPE is designed to allow additional blood flow in and out of joint areas by gently lifting the skin over pain receptors that lie just under the skin. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation caused by injury. Pregnant women, who normally experience some joint swelling, can use TT TARGET TAPE to provide the extra space their joints need and lessen the chance for injury or strain.

With proper application, TT TARGET TAPE also provides direct support to muscles and joints. Our video series explains how to tape different parts of the body to get the full benefits from TT TARGET TAPE. Best of all, it’s a natural way to address joint pain during pregnancy.

Finally, TT TARGET Tape is easy on the skin. It’s made from cotton and lets the skin under it breathe. It’s latex-free and hypoallergenic as well. With proper application, it can stay on for three to five days, and it’s water-resistant.

And while color has no impact on performance, our tape comes in a range of fun colors!

Pregnancy Related Joint Pain is a Surprise to Many Women

Injured finger treated with Target Tape

Injured fingers can be treated with Target Tape

My web gal told me that while she had “a great pregnancy”—no morning sickness and episodes of “happy hormones”—she was stunned by the swelling in her fingers. She had expected her feet to swell a bit and to have some back pain. She was fine wearing sneakers, but for a writer, swollen and achy fingers are a definite problem.

Sadly, this was years ago, before we met and before TT TARGET TAPE was even available.

TT TARGET TAPE can be applied to the hands, wrist, and fingers to provide support and avoid problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Other joints that are susceptible during pregnancy include the knees and ankles, which are further stressed by additional weight. These, too, can get vital support from taping and gentle exercises like yoga and stretching.

Definitely contact your doctor right away if swelling and pain become prominent. Pregnancy is not the time to shrug off even moderate pain! Just keep a broad picture in mind: exercise is good for a pregnant woman’s physical and mental health.


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