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As an athlete you should always be looking out for the “next best thing” when it comes to recovery, as well as polishing your strengths. Athletes are always striving to be at their best, regardless of the sport they happen to be playing. TargetTape will give you the option to thrive like you’ve never thrived before, because this is the leading kinesiology-related brand you’ll ever see on the market. TargetTape is essentially elastic tape made up of cotton, it’s incredibly easy to apply, and you feel the difference almost immediately. The product promotes healthy muscle movements, as well as maximizes your strength and performance. The tape is going to be working as long as it’s attached to your skin, and does not restrict your range of motion at all. As a matter of fact, many professional athletes have chosen to rely on TargetTape to keep their bodies in tune (as of recently). This is a rather new development, but it’s catching on very quickly worldwide!

Kinesiology Tape

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The Basics


The moment an injury occurs in your body there’s going to be internal muscle swelling; it’s just a natural defense that our bodies react with. This will slow down the amount of blood flowing into the damaged muscle, and the outflow of organic fluids through the lymph system, which could lead to a concentration of these bodily fluids within the injury area. If you’re a professional athlete, it’s something you definitely don’t want to deal with. When you make use of our kinesio tape “TargetTape”, you’re going to be utilizing a medical technology only few people know about it. This product actually helps wrinkle the layers of your epidermis (which is the outer layer of your skin), allowing needed rich oxygenated blood flow to increase into your injured muscle. In more technical terms, its helps improve upon your lymph transportation regime, because the skin-deep vessels and lymph capillaries (of the papillae in your skin) will get constant blood flow now.


This is one of the most advanced processes to make use of when it comes to enhancing your performance on the field (or wherever it may be needed), as it allows for your tissue to heal and regenerate at a rapid rate. You can expect the fasciae tension to normalize after a little bit, and the blood/lymph flow will return to its initial manner. Kinesiology taping is the wave of the future!


Where to Buy?


You can buy every single one of our TargetTape products through, and take advantage of our additional discount prices of our newsletter “special of the month” section by registering to our monthly newsletter, always rich on “new” very important information about the different applications for TargetTape. We have various appealing vivid colors, and two different packaging options available. There is the Target Tape “roll for people wanting to use their favorite color for multiple applications, and the sealed “Blister Pack” for those that want to use different colors and prefer easy storing in a purse or smaller bag, The “Blister Pack” fits in any pocket. Kinesiology tape has never been easier to obtain.




There are many kinesiology tape providers out there that claim to be the best. We have many repeat customers that come back for more and more every month, because of all the following all-inclusive TargetTape features : will stretch over 100% of its length to mimic your skin stretchability, all strips are “precut” so you pull and apply without the need of cutting them with scissors, all have a practical “score” down the middle of the strip that allows the original “I” strip to be turned into a “Y” strip for specific applications that will require them, longer sticking time (5-7 days not uncommon), the adhesive is latex free and hypoallergenic, bilingual (English and Spanish) instruction brochure inside every package, and more than 44 instructional videos on how to apply the tapes in our webpage. All these features in one makes us unique. For those debilitating sports injuries, and injury prevention, don’t stop exercising, don’t use pills, all you need is some TargetTape to aid your own body to naturally repair itself. That is kinesiology at its best!! Visit us at AMAZON.


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