How To Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

TT Target Tape: How To Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

Are you attempting to learn how to get rid of plantar fasciitis? As a frequent runner, I am well aware of the pain and suffering brought about by my love for staying healthy. Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis is a frequent complication experienced by joggers. In fact, the complication is often referred to as jogger’s heel. Within this guide, you will learn about this complication and how to alleviate the pain.


What Is It?

Before you attempt to learn how to curb the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, it is essential to get a better understanding of the ailment. Although there are several “causes of plantar fasciitis”, the most common is the positioning and mechanisms of the foot when jogging. Frequently bending the foot and toes upwards toward the shin can take a toll on the heel and resulting in this ailment. If you begin suffering from plantar fasciitis, you’ll recognize it almost instantly, since it’ll hurt whenever you walk about.


Inflammation and Ruptures

Repetitive use and tears of the ligament and surrounding tissues will lead to edema and inflammation. Once the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, pain is inevitable, which will worsen, when you put pressure on the area. You may even find it difficult to return to your daily activities, unless you treat it appropriately.


Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

While there are many ways to treat plantar fasciitis, it is important to start with TT Target Tape. There is a special technique that must be followed, when applying the tape. Make sure that you cover the entire plantar fascia ligament appropriately, since this is crucial to combat the symptoms. The elastic tape will support the ligament, while preventing the injury from worsening, even during strenuous activity. It will also aid reducing the swelling as well as the pain, while allowing more blood to flow to the injured area for accelerated recovery.


Medications on how to get rid of plantar fasciitis?

Aside from using TT Target Tape, there are some other practices that can help to alleviate your suffering. Although I typically attempt to avoid medications, they can be helpful for eliminating swelling and pain. The following medications may be considered as a complement while treating plantar fasciitis.

Unfortunately, research has shown that these over the counter medications typically fail to alleviate the pain of 20% of users.


Used In Conjunction

Although TT Target Tape can help to speed up the recovery and alleviate the pain, it should be used in conjunction with other treatments. When utilized with the methods mentioned below, your recovery process will be reduced significantly allowing you to return to exercise much quicker.

  • Using ice on the impacted area
  • Resting and getting off of your feet
  • Stretching, before strenuous exercise
  • Wearing the right shoes, which offer sufficient support

All of the tips above should be used, whether or not you’re currently suffering from plantar fasciitis. This can help to prevent the pain from occurring.



Plantar fasciitis can be a very annoying and painful condition. If you vow to improve your health and will dedicate yourself to jogging and running, you’re going to want to be prepared, by learning how to get rid of plantar fasciitis.


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  1. Mohammed 8 years ago

    Excellent methods guys. These are very helpful. I added two more steps and it expedited the heeling of my PF. First was elevation. I elevated the feet side part of mattress by 4 inches. Secondly i kept the feet warm in socks during night. It reduced the inflammation.I have found that taking painkillers is harmful in PF as it does allow us to keep walking with damaged tissues and thus worsening the damage. I now believe in the fact that pain is a help the nature sends to us to signal towards some problem in our body. We can make full use of the nature’s help by giving rest to the affected part of our body. This way our wounded tissues are not damaged more and this in turn speeds up our recovery. Wish you all fast recovery.

  2. UnifiberTT 8 years ago

    Hi Mohammed. Thank you for your comments, which are very valid. Kinesiology tapes are designed to “aid” the body in its natural power to repair damage by allowing more blood to flow to the injured area while relieving the pain, but as you say, specially on the foot, we need to get them off the floor to allow faster recovery.

  3. Alex T 8 years ago

    Absolutely. Thank you for your comment.

  4. UnifiberTT 7 years ago

    Thank you

  5. UnifiberTT 7 years ago

    Let me know if we were able to respond your question. Target Tape is a great option to treat Plantar Fasciits.

  6. johnny 7 years ago

    I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across
    a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and without a
    doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is
    something that too few people are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I came across this during my search for something relating to this.

  7. Alex T 7 years ago

    Hi Johnny.

    We are happy we were able to provide you with valuable information about this subject. Many people are not aware that kinesiology tapes like TARGET TAPE can offer an easy solution to a very painful condition.

    I hope you become a client and give us your feedback.

    Thank you again.


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