Calf strains treatment with TT Target Tape

Decreasing Calf Strain Recovery Time With TT Target Tape


As a health conscious individual, it is vital to learn how to cut down on calf strain recovery time. In the past few years, more and more individuals have taken up exercising and dieting in hopes of improving their overall health. Although exercising is exceptionally helpful and will ensure that you live longer, it also comes with aches and pains! With TT Target Tape and other practices, it is possible to combat ache and pains, such as a calf strain. Below, you will learn how to recover quicker from a calf strain.


Common Injury


Injury to the calf muscle is very commonly seen among athletes, since they overuse the muscle, when jogging and running. The calf consists of three muscles including soleus, lateral and medial gastrocnemius, along with the plantaris. A calf muscle strain can be very frustrating for an active individual, since it restricts flexibility and activity. While the medial head of the gastrocnemius is most often the target of the injury, which is also where the pain originates from, can make treating the area very difficult.


Calf Strain Symptoms


Most often than not, you will not experience immediate pain, when you strain the calf muscles, even though you may know exactly when the injury occurred. Since the muscles are still heated up, the onset of symptoms may not appear until they have had time to cool down. Common symptoms of a calf injury include edema, bruising, numbness, reddened skin area and pain, which worsen on movement.


Using TT Target Tape For Speedy Recovery


When it comes down to it, calf strain recovery time will vary from individual to individual. It is practically impossible to give a good approximation for your specific recovery time. Still, there are some ways to potentially speed up the recovery time. By properly utilizing TT Target Tape, you will be able to relax your calf muscles, alleviate the pain and rapidly recover. When utilizing these products, you will be able to recover much quicker and return to a normal life much more rapidly than you would, without the tape!


Other Helpful Practices


Take note that TT Target Tape can be extremely beneficial, but it should also be used in coordination with other recovery practices. Below, you will be able to discover other techniques, which can alleviate pain and improve your recovery rate.


  • Icing the calf muscles
  • Getting off of your feet and relaxing, until fully recovered
  • Compression treatments can help
  • NSAIDs can be used with caution to help eliminate inflammation


If the complication is persistent and doesn’t dissipate with proper treatment, you may want to speak with a medical physician. If you result to taking NSAIDs, you will want to do so with caution, in order to prevent negative side effects!




Runners are much more likely to be impacted by calf strains. This ailment might be devastatingly painful, but it is not impossible to overcome. By utilizing the information above, icing, relaxing and relying on TT Target Tape, you will be able to cut down your calf strain recovery time immensely.

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