Learning All About The Benefits of Wrist Tape


Do you play a strenuous sport that puts a lot of press on your wrists? Or perhaps, you’ve recently suffered a wrist injury? Nothing could be worse, since you utilize your wrists almost everyday for one reason or another! In order to overcome this problem and get back to your normal life, you should take the time to learn about wrist wraps. Within this guide, you will learn all about kinesio tape and how it can help you!

Wrist Tape

For Sports

If you play a sport, which requires full motion of your wrists, you should definitely consider wrapping your wrists. Wrist tape baseball has become increasingly popular over the years and definitely helps to give the player an edge over their competition. Kinesio tape provides the wrist with more stability and improved mechanical support. This tape is extremely comfortable and allows the wearer to maintain their full range of motion. For those suffering from injures, the tape can help speed up the recovery process dramatically.


Wrist Tendonitis (reference)

There are many individuals, who suffer from wrist tendonitis or tenosynovitis. This condition is usually associated with inflamed tendons around the wrist and can result in tremendous pain and suffering. The most common form of treatment for this condition is stabilizing the wrist with kinesiology wrist tape! This tape can help to decrease your pain, while speeding up the recovery process.

Remember that you should use the tape in conjunction with other items, including ice. Also, if your pain is severe, you may very well want to consume some type of pain reliever. This will help you remain comfortable throughout the recovery process.


How To Tape A Wrist For Support

In order to completely benefit from kinesio wrist wraps, it is absolutely vital to learn how to tape a wrist properly. Below, you will discover the steps that should be followed, in order to properly wrap your wrists.


  • First, you should wash your wrists thoroughly with soap and water. Be sure to allow your wrists to dry for up to 5 minutes, before moving forward.
  • The wrist should be completely stabilized, before placing your pre-wrap on the right side of your wrist. The pre-wrap should be wrapped around the bottom of the wrist slightly, before being wrapped once around the lower section of your palm.
  • Cut the tape to the needed length for the pre-wrap.
  • Wrap the kinesio tape around the wrist twice, before pulling tightly. Make sure that the tape is tight, but not too tight, before cutting it and securing it to the other end of the tape.


It should be known that it is possible to ignore the pre-wrap, if you desire. The kinesio tape is effective on its own.



At the end of the day, there are numerous benefits associated with utilizing wrist tape. It’ll provide you with more support, allow you to maintain your mobility and also give you the ability to recover much quicker! If you’re looking for an excellent kinesio tape, you should be sure to check out TT Target Tape USA!

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